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    Lynda Worthington is an Australian textile artist whose varied and original works cover many techniques. Her website is www.lyndaanne.com
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OK – that was very much unintentional!   Years gone by and I’ve been sooooo busy that it’s been quite a shock to realise I’ve not been back on my blog (or website) for that time.   I’ve been doing admin and organisational ‘behind-the-scenes’ things for ArtWear Publications, as well as editing Embellish magazine and … Continue reading

I’m my own worst enemy … are you yours too?

It was a very odd year this one just gone. Not sure that I want another like it…   I just looked and saw that May was the last time I managed to post on my blog. I have done some creativity on some of those missing days, and have sorely missed it when unable … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Days 126 to 134! Busy on secret Embellish project, and finishing butterfly.

Well, I’ve been busy from days 126 – 134 with some rather creative pursuits ☺ – you’ll just have to wait for the September issue of Embellish to see the project ☺   However, I have also during this time, finished off the butterfly into a bag charm with a pocket at its back. A … Continue reading

One of the fun things about being editor of Embellish magazine…

One of the fun things about being editor of Embellish magazine is getting to see up close and personal all the wonderful textile art from people contributing to the Reader Postcard Swap! Each issue there is a new postcard swap, which ties into the theme of the issue of Embellish that some of them will … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 125! Michelle Mischkulnig, Phyllis Hoffman and creativity!

Whilst I did not actually put pen to paper or needle to cloth today… I did spend a wonderful and inspiring time at the Stonehouse Gallery where the Threadalicious exhibition was on display (and is on display until the end of this month). Textile artist Michelle Mischkulnig was there to meet me to view and chat … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Days 121 – 124! Finishing the cross stitching.

Oops – meant to post this before now ☺   I’ve been busy, being creative – not just with cross stitch, but will mention that in another post ☺   So, back to this cute little butterfly. Black was the next and final colour to add: Cross stitching finished!   This pattern was adapted from … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Days 117 – 120! The shape is forming ☺

Continuing on with my bits of cross stitching…   I’ve now finished all the dark pink areas. I guess you can now see the butterfly ☺ So, time to start on the pale pink areas.   Pale pink now finished! Looking good ☺ Each of the above photos (and those in the previous post) shows … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Days 113 – 116! Now what’s she up to?

So, now what’s she up to?   I’m actually doing some editing for the September issue of Embellish, as well as starting to create a project for that same issue…. but I can’t show you that here ☺ Well, not yet ☺   So, I’m also doing a little cross stitching at the same time, … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 112! Dr Morna Sturrock A.M.’s embroidery

  Day 112 and I was searching around for a little inspiration for something to create. On my shelf containing The Embroiderers Guild, VIC work and bits and bobs (for the Gift Boutique), I spied a piece of canvas work embroidered by Dr Morna Sturrock A.M. for the Gift Boutique, waiting to be made into an … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 111! Creating a useful item from a piece of embroidery.

Remember that kangaroo cross stitch from earlier this year? Well, I’ve now created a useful item with it ☺   Having been playing with zipper insertions, I thought I’d create a small zippered bag (or pouch) that could fit in my bag and hold something like tissues (which are always getting lost in my bag). … Continue reading