30 minutes creativity per day… Day 111! Creating a useful item from a piece of embroidery.

Remember that kangaroo cross stitch from earlier this year? Well, I’ve now created a useful item with it ☺


Having been playing with zipper insertions, I thought I’d create a small zippered bag (or pouch) that could fit in my bag and hold something like tissues (which are always getting lost in my bag). In mulling this over, I thought I’d  go without creating a lining in this instance, as I’m not going to be placing anything rough in the bag which would cause fraying of exposed seam edges.

So, to start I folded carefully along the top and bottom edges of the embroidered area and pinned them down. Then I took a zipper and worked out how much of a seam allowance I could go with, without having to curl some of the embroidery to the back of the bag. I’m just using the embroidery with the fabric surrounding it – seeing if it will do the job.

As luck would have it, there was JUST enough to do a tiny seam allowance. The zip was then carefully pinned in along one edge, before I looked for a stitch to use to insert the zip without the fear of it pulling out (as the seam is narrow, and Aida tends to fray…)


Day 111 a


I use a Janome, and decided on stitch number 20 – Parisian Stitch.

DAy 111 b

This stitch would give the support I was after.

After two trials at how this stitch would stitch out:

Day 111 d

I went with the lower version, settings:

Day 111 c


…and stitched one side of the zip in.

Day 111 e


It’s a bit hard to see white-on-white, but I have it at an angle here for you:

Day 111 f


I then re-pinned the top edge of the bag, and lined up the zip with the other fabric edge.

Day 111 g


… which I pinned in place. You will note that I have not been meticulously pinning at certain intervals – rather, I have pinned where I thought I needed a pin to be. Nothing neat about the intervals of the pins ☺

Day 111 h


This second seam was then stitched with the Parisian Stitch (stitch #20).

Day 111 i


Back view:

Day 111 j


Front view:

Day 111 k


The whole thing was then turned inside out, and the edges of the zip tacked together (when the zip was closed) as shown below. This was so they did not move apart when the next lot of stitching was done. The zip was then opened (VERY important!) and the side seams pinned.

Day 111 l

Day 111 m

Oh my… now you can see the back of my embroidery! Thankfully, it’s not too messy ☺.


The side seams were then stitched – normal stitch, not a special stitch.

Day 111 n


When I stitched over the zipper area, I did this VERY slowly, hand turning the wheel. As you can see in the photo below, I skimmed the metal bits on the zip end. If I had been doing this like a normal seam, with my foot on the pedal, I would have broken the needle.

Day 111 o


The tacking stitches were removed, excess fabric was cut away and corners clipped.

Day 111 p


Then the whole thing was turned right side out and pressed.


Day 111 q



Day 111 r


I shouldn’t lose my tissues in my bag any more ☺




2 Responses to “30 minutes creativity per day… Day 111! Creating a useful item from a piece of embroidery.”
  1. Maia Tuitele says:

    I loved watching the kangaroo appear, and the finish is great!

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