30 minutes creativity per day… Day 112! Dr Morna Sturrock A.M.’s embroidery


Day 112 and I was searching around for a little inspiration for something to create. On my shelf containing The Embroiderers Guild, VIC work and bits and bobs (for the Gift Boutique), I spied a piece of canvas work embroidered by Dr Morna Sturrock A.M. for the Gift Boutique, waiting to be made into an item for sale.

Dr Morna Sturrock A.M. has a long history with The Embroiderers Guild, VIC, being one of the founders. More about Morna may be read in “Her Inspirational Story”, a booklet of stories about the contributions and achievements of women in the City of Monash, and in a post last year about a visit by Waverley Patchworkers members to see her for her birthday.

I personally haven’t seen Morna for some months now, so it has a bit of meaning for me creating something from one of her embroideries.

The colours of the embroidery suggested a small lavender pillow. They were also a nice match to the backing fabric I had used recently.

Day 112 a


I pinned the two pieces right sides together…

Day 112 b

…and then stitched around the very edge of the embroidery (leaving a gap in one side).

Day 112 c

The excess fabric was then cut away and the corners clipped…

Day 112 d

…before the whole piece was turned right sides out, and pressed.


Day 112 e


Day 112 f


I then filled the insides with some lavender, using a spoon to transfer it.

Day 112 g


When it was fairly full, I stopped. The lavender was not compressed into the space, but rather left loose. You can see from the photo below how full it was:

Day 112 h


The opening was then slip stitched closed, and the resulting pillow shaken a little to evenly distribute the lavender.


Day 112 i


Day 112 j


…and now all I can smell is lavender! ☺





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