One of the fun things about being editor of Embellish magazine…

One of the fun things about being editor of Embellish magazine is getting to see up close and personal all the wonderful textile art from people contributing to the Reader Postcard Swap!

Embellish issue 30.pdf

Each issue there is a new postcard swap, which ties into the theme of the issue of Embellish that some of them will be printed in, with ALL of them up on Facebook when that issue is out so that people can vote on them and the winner reap the prize of a AUD$100 spending spree with an advertiser from that issue of Embellish.

Previous Facebook photo albums of the different postcard swaps may be found here.

Are you interested in entering the current postcard swap?

The swap which is still open (until 1st June) is “Insects”. You may choose anything relating to insects—there are so many insects to gain inspiration from… The completed size must be postcard size (A6—a quarter of A4 size, 4″x 6″ approximately) and you may use any technique, or combination of techniques to create it, so long as it includes textiles. On the back of the postcard, please write your name, address, phone number and email address (if you have one). Completed postcards should be posted to arrive no later than 1st June, to “Insects” Postcard Swap, PO Box 469, Ashburton VIC 3147, and include a stamped* self-addressed C5 or B5 envelope (so that the swapped postcard can be posted to you—C6 size can be just that little bit too small if there is a postcard that is on the thicker side…). Don’t forget to add a note with some information about your techniques and inspiration.

(* International readers please contact me and we can arrange a PayPal payment for your return postage.)

Some of the postcards will be displayed in Embellish #31 (September) which has an insect theme, and all will be displayed on the ArtWear Publications Facebook page in a photo album at the beginning of September. The postcard with the most “likes” on Facebook at midnight on 30/09/2017 will win $100.00 to spend with one of our advertisers in the September issue.



And… the theme for the swap after that one (notice of which is in the June issue of Embellish, which has just gone out to subscribers) – is “India” (closing 1st September – “India” Postcard Swap as the first line of the address when you send it in).


I’d love to see some textile art postcards come in from you ☺

The “New Guinea” postcard swap will be going up on Facebook at the beginning of June for voting. I’m creating one myself (good thing I don’t have to stick to the entry deadline ☺ – a small perk of the job) as part of my 30 minutes creativity so you will see it soonbut obviously I won’t be eligible to be voted for







2 Responses to “One of the fun things about being editor of Embellish magazine…”
  1. Sue Dilley says:

    Why is it so difficult to find the current INSECT post card swap photos?

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