30 minutes creativity per day… Day 125! Michelle Mischkulnig, Phyllis Hoffman and creativity!

Whilst I did not actually put pen to paper or needle to cloth today… I did spend a wonderful and inspiring time at the Stonehouse Gallery where the Threadalicious exhibition was on display (and is on display until the end of this month).

Textile artist Michelle Mischkulnig was there to meet me to view and chat about the exhibition, as well as a have a catch-up about the project she is creating for the September issue of Embellish magazine.

michelle and me

I’d not actually met Michelle face-to-face prior to this, so it was wonderful to be able to do so and we had a great talk ☺. The photo is of us looking at an issue of Embellish magazine. In the background is Phyllis Hoffman, a felting artist – who I’d also not met before, and with whom I had quite a long chat ☺ – suffice to say, she has prompted me to finally have a go at wet felting in a workshop with her on June 10th ☺ I love needle felting (with a machine), and have always wanted to give wet felting a go – just hadn’t got around to it ☺

I’ve also been busy creating a project for the September issue of Embellish – its theme is insects. However, can’t show that here…. not yet.

However, I can show the cover of the June 2017 issue of Embellish, which is all packaged up and going to be posted out to subscribers tomorrow, May 15th:

Embellish issue 30.pdf

LOVE the frog – which is by Penny Eamer ☺.




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