30 minutes creativity per day… Days 126 to 134! Busy on secret Embellish project, and finishing butterfly.

Well, I’ve been busy from days 126 – 134 with some rather creative pursuits ☺ – you’ll just have to wait for the September issue of Embellish to see the project ☺


However, I have also during this time, finished off the butterfly into a bag charm with a pocket at its back.

A piece of black fabric, folded in half, was placed over the embroidery as shown, with the fold at the top.

DaY 134a

Another piece of black fabric was placed over the top and pinned as shown.

Day 134b

As I would be working from the embroidery side of the sandwich (so that I could see where to stitch), I turned the piece over…

Day 134c

..and pinned everything together – removing the pins that were now on the underneath.

Day 134d

Following the lines of the embroidery, I stitched around the embroidery (not across the top).

Day 134e

Corners were cut off (although, next time I won’t cut the top ones, as it was a little more challenging with some fraying going on).

Day 134f

This was then turned right side out (bagged out).

Day 134g

The excess Aida at the top was turned under and finger pressed…

Day 134h

…and the same done to the black fabric.

Day 134j

The clasp was prepared – using a piece of hot pink satin ribbon.

Day 134i

This was pinned in place into the opening, the opening pinned shut, and I stitched in black along the black line on the embroidery. I continued all the way round the embroidery, stitching on the black line.

Day 134k

Here’s the back of the piece – rather hard to see I guess, as it’s all black.

Day 134l

However, slotting a business card partially into the pocket shows you the pocket slit at the back.

Day 134m


Day 134n





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