30 minutes creativity per day… Day 125! Michelle Mischkulnig, Phyllis Hoffman and creativity!

Whilst I did not actually put pen to paper or needle to cloth today… I did spend a wonderful and inspiring time at the Stonehouse Gallery where the Threadalicious exhibition was on display (and is on display until the end of this month). Textile artist Michelle Mischkulnig was there to meet me to view and chat … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 109! The results of doodling.

The results of doodling.   My mind was still on small items, and went to easy shapes, which led to bird shapes (possibly due to the two cockatiels sitting behind me singing).   The doodles looked like something I could do with the sewing machine, so I set about it.   First step was to … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Days 88 – 91! Bulldog Puppy stitching progression to completion ☺

I have been busy over the past few days completing the bulldog puppy, and have here for you the sequence of its creation (along with the odd tip or two) taking up where my last blog post left off… with HEAPS of pictures!   My first task was to further stitch the outlines – but … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Days 75 – 87! I’ve been very, very quiet – at least on the blog front!

  I’m back! Did you miss me? Maybe, don’t answer that! ☺   My 30 minutes creativity per day unfortunately had to go out the window due to being very busy getting five magazines print-ready (Embellish issue 30, Textile Fibre Forum issue 126, Felt issue 17, Yarn issue 46, and Vintage Made issue 9). All … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 40! Out and about with a camera.

  Thankfully, this afternoon we had a cool (coolish) change come through after temperatures reaching the high 30s – so my son and I took a walk along a small section of Gardiners Creek to check out the bush. Of course, I took my camera in the hopes of finding some reference material for sketches … Continue reading

EMBELLISH magazine – issue 20

Featuring inspiration from Japan.   Well, I seem to have done it again! So sorry for being so quiet on the Blog front. There have been a number of issues of Embellish out since my previous post, so I should go through them in order of appearance ☺. Issue 20 is the first issue where … Continue reading

Embellish Issue 18 is here – filled with great Textile Art and more!

I love how this issue of Embellish has come together.  It is my second issue as Editor in Chief – and I’m loving every minute of it.  Thank you to the lovely people who have sent me such nice feedback about my first issue.   This issue should have been received by subscribers already and … Continue reading

My first issue of Embellish as Editor in Chief!

Well, it’s been some learning curve – and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!  Thank you to Michelle Moriarty and Kylie Albanese for teaching me the ropes! AND NOW IT’S HERE!  The first issue of Embellish with me as Editor in Chief!  It is issue 17, and has already been posted out to subscribers.  It will … Continue reading

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

First Place in Creative Embroidery / Mixed Media Section at Royal Melbourne Show

This year I decided (finally) that I would put forward some of my textile art into the Royal Melbourne Show.  I entered three pieces, all triptychs – and one of them won first place in the section “Creative Embroidery / Mixed Media”!  A nice surprise!  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see them hanging in the show…. … Continue reading