30 minutes creativity per day… Days 102-107 Wipeout! Day 108! Back in the swing ☺

Dratted head cold!   Mind you, I did, when I was awake, manage to watch some creativity on TV – including catching an episode of Landscape Artist of the Year 2016 which I had missed the first time around… to find Moy Mackay was one of the artists!  Love her felt artworks!   Nothing so … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 101! Take a flower…

A little late placing this one up on my blog – Day 102 consisted of being at the Gift Boutique Workshop, coming home, getting a large headache as my head cold took hold, and being prostrate ever since! So much for my holiday time over Easter, as it’s now Easter Monday….   However, Day 101 … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 60! Adding that last colour.

Obviously, today’s stitching did not take me as long as yesterday’s ☺ Yesterday, I just kept going, well past the 30 minutes minimum ☺   Today, that third colour was added. As I stitched the flower to the right, I thought it might need another stitch added that was not in the original pattern. I … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 34! Kangaroo completion – I think… do you think so too?

  Back to the kangaroo today ☺. Obviously, you have seen that the original cross stitch chart I created has been altered – and not just by stitching the negative space (Assisi embroidery). I have added three stitched rows top and bottom, and five stitched columns to each side. Therefore, I’ve gone back to the … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 16! Done! (with a little trick)

It’s just as well I can laugh at myself… did you notice in yesterday’s post I left off a stitch at the base of the plant? I didn’t, until I came to stitch next to where it should have been today! Just another little booboo on top of the others yesterday ☺   Well, I … Continue reading