30 minutes creativity per day… Days 113 – 116! Now what’s she up to?

So, now what’s she up to?


I’m actually doing some editing for the September issue of Embellish, as well as starting to create a project for that same issue…. but I can’t show you that here ☺ Well, not yet ☺


So, I’m also doing a little cross stitching at the same time, this being my 30 minutes minimum creativity per day.


As cross stitching takes some time to do (unlike what many people think!), I’m combining a few days together so as not to “bore” you ☺


For a little while it will be “what on earth is she creating?” – which in itself could be a bit of fun ☺


There is a free design on the internet (I’ll give you the link further down the track), which I really quite liked, but wanted to have a square version. Therefore, I’ve changed it a little to fit a square ☺ (as you do).


First step – create the square:

Day 113

Nearly got the full square finished on the first day…

After the square was defined, each day I did a little more, each day a bit over 30 minutes of stitching ☺:

Day 114

Day 115

Day 116


Hehehe… I know what the end design is… ☺ Can you guess yet?






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