30 minutes creativity per day… Day 32! Frog in abstract.

  Taking a break from the kangaroo….   This year at The Embroiderers Guild, VIC in the Machine Embroidery Guidance Group we are finding inspiration each month in a different artist, to create an A5 size piece of textile art. January’s artist is Australian artist, John Olsen. I thought I should make a start, as … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 20! Getting more distinct… ☺

  He’s coming along, bit by bit… Bird feet are such hard things to draw.. so I started outlining them a little better while I was still “fresh” to the session. They are by no means finished, and I’ll come back to them a few more times yet, I suspect ☺ It’s a question of … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 18! Pulling many threads…

Further to yesterday’s efforts in learning a new stitch, I have stitched quite a number more… not lining them up, but rather trying to create something a little more random with the view to it morphing into a more complex piece of textile art (ultimately).     What do you think?

I’m on my way………… !!!

  This is a blog dedicated to all textile artists and crafters!  I’m looking forward to sharing projects,  ideas and fun products with you.  I hope to inspire you to move outside your squares so-to-speak!  I am predominantly a machine embroiderer, but am adding more hand embroidery, along with mixed media.  In addition, I love working … Continue reading