30 minutes creativity per day… Day 111! Creating a useful item from a piece of embroidery.

Remember that kangaroo cross stitch from earlier this year? Well, I’ve now created a useful item with it ☺   Having been playing with zipper insertions, I thought I’d create a small zippered bag (or pouch) that could fit in my bag and hold something like tissues (which are always getting lost in my bag). … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 34! Kangaroo completion – I think… do you think so too?

  Back to the kangaroo today ☺. Obviously, you have seen that the original cross stitch chart I created has been altered – and not just by stitching the negative space (Assisi embroidery). I have added three stitched rows top and bottom, and five stitched columns to each side. Therefore, I’ve gone back to the … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 31! Background finished!

  Yayyyyyy!!!!!! The green background is now finished! I’m tired, but happy that bit is now completed (much, much more than 30 minutes today ☺). The end was so close, I kept seeing it and couldn’t stop until I reached it!   Next will be to do the outline, and to decide whether to show … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 30! Internet problems aside…

  Thankfully internet problems, as in not having the internet, did not prevent creativity on Day 30! It did prevent me posting on my blog…   However, here I am! Internet is fixed!   I finished that first skein of thread, and this picture shows how much the single skein covered: and now I’ve started … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 29! Breathing a sigh of relief ☺

  I worked out that I definitely did not have enough thread in the one skein to complete my background. Therefore, the search was on! Did I have another skein, or one at least very similar?   The skein I had pulled from my stash was a SEMCO thread – not going to be easy … Continue reading

30 minutes creativity per day… Day 28! Green, green, green…

  and more green….   Yes, still going on the green background for my kangaroo. I’m hoping I don’t run out of thread before reaching the end…otherwise I might have to use that trick I used in a previous post…   However, here’s how far I have gone filling in the background: All down the … Continue reading

30 minutes of creativity per day… Day 27! No frog stitch today!

  ☺ No frog stitch today! (thankfully)   Watching the tennis and stitching away – it’s getting there as you can see:  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year