I’m my own worst enemy … are you yours too?

It was a very odd year this one just gone. Not sure that I want another like it…


I just looked and saw that May was the last time I managed to post on my blog. I have done some creativity on some of those missing days, and have sorely missed it when unable to.


There’s been some wonderful “ups” and some dreadful “downs” since last I posted.


I absolutely LOVED getting back into teaching and had a group of wonderful students. Not long after this, the original artwork that the workshop was based on made its way via a circuitous route to be included in the Collection at The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria (so chuffed) – picture below. An embroidered piece entered in an art show was purchased ☺ – it was based on the wren drawing I did earlier in the year. There were other “uppers” too.


Waiting for Mum

Waiting for Mum


On both the upper and downer was getting the kitchen finally put in… very stressful, especially when Ikea had not included the drawer inserts and no longer make them…. Took ages to do the kitchen…


On the downer, in particular, were some health issues, personal and within the family – including a major one. As well, there was the passing of some friends, including finding out (via a Google Search) a friend I had grown up with interstate had passed away suddenly. We also lost some beloved pets.


So, taking a deep breath, and beginning a new year. I will post what creative things I had done last year that you have not as yet seen, and I will be attempting to do my minimum of 30 minutes creativity per day again, as it does have healthy benefits ☺. I will also not beat myself up if I cannot get to be creative every single day.


Looking forward to taking the journey this year with you ♥




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