30 minutes creativity per day… Day 40! Out and about with a camera.


Thankfully, this afternoon we had a cool (coolish) change come through after temperatures reaching the high 30s – so my son and I took a walk along a small section of Gardiners Creek to check out the bush. Of course, I took my camera in the hopes of finding some reference material for sketches and textile art ☺


It’s a lovely area with tracks and bike tracks through it. The area we were in had a couple of larger water areas – each had a different species of frog in residence as evidenced by the different croaks emanating from the water edges. No way we would be able to see them among the reeds and plants…



As we walked along, we stopped at all the small things, to have a closer look. Iain loved the look of this particular beetle:



So shiny and a glorious copper colour.


Another insect of some description (beetle I presume) was found among some flowers – but do you think it would move to the front of the flowers for a photo? It’s like it knew I was wanting a photo:



Quite an intriguing little fellow ☺ It’s great finding the unusual, and the hard to find. My portfolio of photos of different beetles, bees, other insects, and spiders on flowers is growing ☺ – one day some will make it to textiles (actually, some already have, now that I think of it… some bees on gum blossoms).


And then, there they were! A family of little wrens! Boy, were they hard to get a photo of! They don’t exactly stay still. In fact, it became a running joke that they could see the camera coming ☺





I did manage to get a couple of this little man that were of better focus, and hope to show you them further down the track with some stitches added to them ☺


As we were leaving I spied a feather stuck in a bush:


It’s a scenario I want to turn into a design at some stage. I have previously used “lost” feathers in sketches and textile art…


Here’s one I prepared earlier (as they say):


and a closer view:


This was created a few years ago now – seems I still have a fascination with feathers ☺


Definitely have to go back to that particular track to get further photos ☺


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