30 minutes creativity per day… Days 75 – 87! I’ve been very, very quiet – at least on the blog front!


I’m back! Did you miss me? Maybe, don’t answer that! ☺


My 30 minutes creativity per day unfortunately had to go out the window due to being very busy getting five magazines print-ready (Embellish issue 30, Textile Fibre Forum issue 126, Felt issue 17, Yarn issue 46, and Vintage Made issue 9). All are now at the printers and we start the checking of dye lines…


Interestingly, my stress levels went rather high when I wasn’t able to fit in my 30 minutes of creativity. It showed just how important the “me” time really is! There’s a lesson there.


So, Day 87 and I took most of the day off from magazine-related work. Did a bit of a tidy up, moving things, uncovering the sewing machine (with whom I have not talked for some time, actually), and did some creativity! ♥  Stress levels waaayyyyy down ☺ Even problems with my fabric printer have not fazed me (just annoyed me).


I decided to have a play with a little bulldog puppy drawing I had done previously.

Day 87


What I’m going to try to do is stitch him out on fabric, with a bit of applique as well. We’ll see what happens ☺


To start with, I wanted to have his image on some thin paper which I would put on the back of my work as an initial guide. Using the computer, I mirror-imaged the drawing and then set about looking to print this onto the thin paper.


I attached the thin paper to a sheet of normal photocopy paper and put it through the printer. This was the result:

Day 87 b


Ooops! The thin paper wasn’t held down firmly enough, so rolled around and around the insides of my printer! Bummer! I spent some time with forceps and fine scissors, and fingers, getting the paper out! Good news – the printer still works!


However, I did not want to try that again, just in case.


Therefore, I took a printout of the mirror-image drawing and traced off the important lines of reference onto the thin paper:

Day 87 c


This was then taped to the back of my work (which also has some stiff stabiliser attached).


Using black thread top and bottom, I then began free motion machine stitching along the lines. Here’s me starting – note how I have brought the bobbin thread to the top of the work so that it does not get caught underneath:

Day 87 d

These ends get trimmed off. The photo was taken when I stopped to trim them. You will also note that I set the machine up to stop with the needle in the work so that it does not move away from where I was stitching.


So, I kept on stitching away at the outlines. Where I needed to stop and start, I did not cut the thread (this was cut later), but rather raised the foot and moved to where I next wanted to stitch (raising the foot takes the tension off the thread and lets you move easily). This photo was taken straight after a repositioning, so you can see the long jump thread created.

Day 87 e


This is the front of the work after I had stopped for the day, and had taken the jump threads off the front:

Day 87 f


Coming along nicely ☺


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