EMBELLISH magazine – issue 20

Embellish_20_cover_tinyFeaturing inspiration from Japan.


Well, I seem to have done it again! So sorry for being so quiet on the Blog front.

There have been a number of issues of Embellish out since my previous post, so I should go through them in order of appearance ☺.

Issue 20 is the first issue where I have created an overall theme for the magazine. Inspiration has been drawn from Japan – including the wonderful silk painting on the front cover by Kim Michelle Toft, which she shows us how to create (page 46).

Embellish with Stitches #8 featured Hitomezashi – a version of Sashiko stitching:


The patterns are created by intersecting lines of running stitch.

ArtWear Publications sells a downloadable program by which you can design your own Hitomezashi embroidery patterns (basic ($5) and advanced ($15) versions – check the computer system requirements prior to purchasing) – much simpler than trying to work out how to create a pattern by hand, and easy to make changes if you don’t like the pattern you have created before you actually stitch it out.

The issue had more Japanese themed projects such as “Japanese Inspired Fosshape Vessel” by Waltraud Reiner, a gorgeous Japanese Silk Embroidery by Julie Bowd, and a mixed media project by Neroli Henderson “Cherry Tree”:

Cherry Tree

(and yes, there were more Japanese inspired projects).

I had the pleasure of interviewing Australian Textile Artist Sally Darlison for the regular Artist Profile

Embellish20_P3-5_SallyDarlison_Proof1 for blog_Page_1

I also had the pleasure of meeting Judith Brown and seeing her wonderful sculptural works created using the skeletal fibres from individual layers of the corms of Watsonia, a group of flowering plants related to Gladiolus and Freesia. In this issue, Judith describes how she created these beauties:

Judith Brown sculpture

Of course there is just so much more in this issue – I was so pleased with how it came together!

Here’s a view of the contents page:

E20 contents pg 1

This issue can be purchased here.





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