30 minutes creativity per day… Day 109! The results of doodling.

The results of doodling.


My mind was still on small items, and went to easy shapes, which led to bird shapes (possibly due to the two cockatiels sitting behind me singing).

Day 109 a


The doodles looked like something I could do with the sewing machine, so I set about it.


First step was to find something circular I could trace around – a 50c coin did the trick.

Day 109 b


Mind you, if I’m going to use these critters on bag charms or key rings, a 20c piece may be better (next time ☺).

I cut the resulting circle of fabric in half (of course, it never is exactly in half….).

Day 109 c


Grabbing some fabric from my stash (the same fabric I used as the background on the bulldog puppy), I put it in a hoop to stabilise it.

Day 109 d


You will note that as I am going to be using this under a sewing machine needle, the fabric is hooped at the bottom of the hoop, not across the top as is usually done with hand embroidery.

Day 109 e


This means the fabric will sit flat on the sewing machine bed.


One of the half circles was then placed on top..

Day 109 f


…and stitched in place.

Day 109 g


I used the end of a satay stick instead of my fingers to hold the fabric in place.

Then, the remainder of the bird was sketched/stitched in – using jump stitches to get to and from the eye and the wing.

Day 109 h


The jump stitches were removed – although, I left them on the back:

Day 109 j



Day 109 i


I also stitched up the other half circle into a little bird. Definitely different to the first – both with their own character.

Day 109 k


And here they are together:

Day 109 l


I think I prefer the first one I stitched ☺


Now, to think how to use them…






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