30 minutes creativity per day…

Oh my goodness!

Where did the year go?

Last year (2016) was a very full year, personally and work-related – some good, some bad. Then, I noticed I really haven’t been giving myself the “me” time I should have been. So, look out 2017 – I’m intending to slot in at least 30 minutes creativity per day.

I’ve made a start by sketching the head of a platypus. Boy, am I out of practice!

Why a platypus? I’ve promised, a while ago now admittedly, to create a special textile artwork of a platypus for my daughter to hang on her wall. Yes, I have ideas in my head, and a few layout sketches – thumbnails really.

So, here I am getting to know a platypus close up ☺ – it’s a start.


You may notice the initials of my signature are “LC” – this is because I do all my drawing and painting artworks under my maiden name, having only really done textile art in more recent times ☺

This sketch was drawn using only an HB pencil. The angle of the head was probably the wrong one to start on after a break from sketching, as it is a rather hard angle to sketch – mind you, I love the smile he appears to have going on.

Well, let’s see if I can keep this going. 30 minutes creativity per day…

2 Responses to “30 minutes creativity per day…”
  1. Yvonne Walton says:

    You deserve your “me time”. Have a great 2017.

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