30 minutes creativity per day… day 2! Hitomezashi!

Well, so far so good!

I’m managing to set aside at least 30 minutes to play and be creative.

Today I’m experimenting (or starting to) with some Hitomezashi Sashiko Embroidery – ie running stitch in two different directions, a different sequence of running stitches in each direction which will then create a pattern.

First I have taken some fabric and ironed on a bit of stabiliser to the back before drawing up a grid using a heat-erasable pen. Mind you, my accuracy on the grid has left a bit to be desired… but then, it’s just an experiment!

I’m having a look at what a variegated colour of thread will do. I’ve previously done a number of patterns using a single colour thread – for example:


This red example was done on Aida cloth, so I didn’t have to map out a grid ☺

For today’s play I have ignored the pattern of stitches used in the example above and have started a new one where three lines start with a stitch, followed by two lines starting with a space, and so on…(working right to left as I am right-handed, and turning the work 180 degrees to come back from the other direction).

So, under way I have:


and where I’ve finished up for the evening:


ready to start in the perpendicular direction tomorrow (I do have to sleep!).

It’s looking interesting. Don’t look too hard at the stitch quality! ☺

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

(If you are interested, there is a program (not compatible with Macs (unless you are running Windows) or Windows 10) available where you can punch in numbers and determine the resulting pattern. Basic version available here, and Advanced version (which includes the Basic version) available here.)


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