30 minutes creativity per day… Day 110! A little heart.

Today I went with one of the miniature cross stitch patterns I created a couple of days ago – the little heart.


Looking through my fabric stash, I decided to try it out on a fairly large open weave fabric – using a single strand of stranded cotton.

Day 110 a


I found I had to be careful with how I pulled on the thread, as it wanted to move between the threads of the fabric a little if I wasn’t watching it ☺ Yes, I did put three white crosses in there for the glow on the heart. I considered using two strands for the white, but didn’t. It might have looked a bit odd.


Next step was to create a key ring or bag charm (did you guess?). I judged how large I wanted to create the charm and cut the fabric to size.

Day 110 b


This was then carefully folded right sides together and stitched on the sewing machine – trying very hard to stay on the same thread line of the fabric….

Day 110 c


Excess fabric was then cut away…

Day 110 d


…and everything turned right side out.

Day 110 e


To attach the clip on the top of the charm, I used red rat tail cord:

Day 110 f


This was slipped into the top of the charm, the top seam turned in and slip stitched closed, making sure to go in and out of the red rat tail cording a number of times.

Day 110 g


Not bad, but a bit plain…


Solution: running stitch! (using two strands)

Day 110 h


Over two threads and under two threads, making sure that the needle went in and out on the back in the right holes:

Day 110 i


…and then it’s finished!

Back view:

Day 110 k


Front view:

Day 110 j


..and in use with keys attached ☺

Day 110 l


Quite nice ☺




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