30 minutes creativity per day… Day 101! Take a flower…

A little late placing this one up on my blog – Day 102 consisted of being at the Gift Boutique Workshop, coming home, getting a large headache as my head cold took hold, and being prostrate ever since! So much for my holiday time over Easter, as it’s now Easter Monday….


However, Day 101 was a creative day, where I prepared another type of bag charm for the Gift Boutique Workshop (which was all day, Day 102).


This time, I took a piece of embroidery I had created previously and wanted to make it into a little zippered pouch.


The embroidery pattern is a cross stitch pattern you most probably have seen from me previously:

Day 101 b Daisy chart


Day 101 a Daisy legend


Obviously, I have stitched it in a different colour to the colour chart – choose whatever colour scheme you are after ☺


The size of the embroidery dictated the size of my little pouch. I cut a circle out around the embroidery, leaving a bit extra for seams without catching the embroidery in the seams. Having done this, I then used this circle to cut out a back for the pouch out of a nice fabric I had picked up at an Op Shop.

Day 101 c

Day 101 d

(the wrong side of the fabric is showing here).


After this, I cut out the same sized circle to finish with two lining circles (white fabric) and two pelon circles. All-in-all I ended up with:

Day 101 e

The zip is 20cm long, but I could have used a 15cm one, plus I have a clip to use to attach the final pouch to a bag (or anything else for that matter). I also cut a rectangle of white fabric which was about 5cm x 6.5cm in size (to hook through the ring on the clip).


The fabric for the back of the pouch, one piece of pelon, and one white circle were all cut in half across their centres.


One white half circle was lined up along an edge of the zip, with the zip on top. Onto this was placed (and lined up to match the white fabric) a half circle of the back fabric, face down, with a half circle of pelon on top. This was then stitched…


Day 101 f

…before folding back and topstitched:

Day 101 g

(make sure all the fabric edges line up with each other).


This was then repeated on the other side of the zip.

Day 101 h


For some reason, the zip didn’t like me using a normal foot this time, so I redid the second seam using a zipper foot:

Day 101 i


Again, this was opened out / folded back and topstitched:

Day 101 j


To create the white tab, I folded the fabric as shown. Fold the outer edges to the middle, and then fold that in half lengthwise.

Day 101 k


The long edges were then topstitched…

Day 101 l


…and the tab inserted into the clip.

Day 101 m


I stitched across the zip near where it would be cut off (Note: I turned the sewing machine wheel by hand, slowly, so as to not break a needle) – first at the tail end:


Day 101 n

Day 101 o


and then, AFTER OPENING THE ZIP HALF WAY, stitched at the other end:

Day 101 p

Day 101 q


The clip was then stitched onto the piece as shown (again, hand turning the sewing machine wheel so as to not break a needle).

Day 101 r

Day 101 s


Then, the embroidered piece, placed on top of a circle of pelon, which was on top of a white lining fabric circle:

Day 101 t


…was placed face down over the top of the back of the pouch, i.e. right sides together for the back piece and the embroidery, and pinned together (making sure the flower was facing the correct angle with respect to the zipper – not so much hassle with this pattern, but you wouldn’t want a cat or dog hanging upside down ☺) before stitching together:

Day 101 u


Extra stitching was done across the zip at both ends for reinforcement.

Day 101 v


The ends of the zip were then cut off…

Day 101 w


…and excess fabric removed from the seam allowance area.

Day 101 x


Small cuts were made into the seam allowance, making sure not to cut the stitching, so that the pouch should have a nice curve when turned right side out.

Day 101 y


The pouch was turned right side out, and topstitched.

Day 101 z


To give, back view:

Day 101 z a


and front view:

Day 101 z b


Actually, next time I create this pouch, I will make it slightly smaller, as this is a bit too chunky for me… and I probably will topstitch closer to the edge with the final topstitching ☺


Definitely will be creating more of these little pouches – with the modifications mentioned. I think a better size of circle to start with would be one about 10cm in diameter (allowing for seams etc).


I’d love to see any that you create ☺






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