30 minutes creativity per day… Day 100! Star time!

On a nice round figure day (100) I’m creating a rather pointy piece of embroidery ☺


Looking through my stash, I came across some plastic canvas stars, and thought that they would be good to use in creating bag charms or key rings for The Embroiderers Guild, VIC’s Gift Boutique Workshop.


To create something a little more striking than using plain thread or yarn, the search was then on for a variegated thread that had rapid variations in colour (the usual 6 stranded cottons tend to have long areas of the same colour before changing colour).


Searching further through my stash, I found a bag of all sorts of yarns and threads, mostly variegated, given to me by a friend to use for the Gift Boutique – and they were just what was needed! Perfect!


The yarn I chose looked like it might need to go twice through the holes in the star, so I cut a length of about one metre to start with, as I didn’t really want to stop in the first segment to put more yarn on the needle.


To start off the stitching, I kept a small tail of yarn behind the star. The subsequent stitching would hide this.

Day 100 a


Stitching under way – twice through each hole, and going from top to bottom hole in one stitch, making sure the stitches both front and back lie nicely next to each other.

Day 100 b


When the first segment was completed, I ran the needle beneath the yarn layer and brought it out part way. The yarn was then snipped close to the stitching layer and the layer massaged to hide the cut end.

Day 100 c


No sign of any ends ☺

Day 100 d


Each segment of the star was completed in the same manner. One metre of yarn at a time proved to be the perfect length required.

Day 100 e


Once all the segments were stitched, I added a key ring at one tip.

Day 100 f


Now, to stitch the areas between the segments and around the edge – but what colour?


I looked through that same bag, and found a crewel yarn in a purple shade which had tones in common with the colours in the star, but was also a nice contrast.

Day 100 g


As this yarn is quite thin, I worked with three strands at a time through the needle.


To start this stitching off, I hid the ends of the yarn in the layers of stitching already there, then worked a half cross stitch down to the centre and out along one of the arms, before coming back with the other half of the cross stitch.

Day 100 h


This worked out to be a a really good way to stitch the straight segments as I ended back where I started and was able to go onto the outer rim just using an overcasting stitch.

Day 100 i


Once finished, the back looked like this:

Day 100 j


Not too ugly ☺


And, the front looked like this:

Day 100 k


I don’t mind the blank bit in the middle of the front, as it sort of blends in. However, I guess if you were bothered by this, you could either do more stitching, or attach a bit of bling there ☺


This stitching pattern worked out quite well, as the star will be able to be viewed from both sides, and the variegated thread adds quite a bit of interest ☺





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