30 minutes creativity per day… Days 96 – 99! Expanding on the prototype. Bag bling / bag charm.

As you saw in my last post, I have a jumping off point now to refine and / or change from. I decided to do both ☺


Using the original pattern, I wanted to make a more stylised baby bird – which meant shorter tail, larger head, and smaller wings. The thin paper I was using to trace off the pattern was ideal to use to create the new shape based on the old.

Day 99 a


This pattern and the previous pattern were both traced off onto a plastic transparency sheet using a permanent marker…

Day 99 e

…and cut out. This was to create a more robust template to work with – as well as having the added advantage of being ideal to use for positioning the bird’s body on patterned fabric, or checking that any embroidery would still fit the body shape. The plastic templates were cut from the sheet, as well as an additional “bottom cover” to actually use in the making of the bird.


In looking around for some fabric to create the baby bird with, I found a small amount of blue floral fabric in the swap bin at The Embroiderers Guild, VIC which I thought would be ideal. The flowers leant themselves to being embroidered over in white using a single strand of thread: single chain stitches for the petals…

Day 99 b


…and French knots in the centre:

Day 99 c


I created a mass which would fit (just) inside the bird’s body…

Day 99 d


… which was then outlined on the fabric in pencil using the template, adding seam allowances all around except across the bottom.

Day 99 f


Placing this piece and another piece of fabric wrong sides together, I then cut out the bird’s body on the pencil line I had drawn.

Day 99 g


With wrong sides together, this was then stitched on the machine, corners and curves clipped, and bagged right side out through the bottom edge (which was not stitched). Once again I had trouble at the beak with the machine wanting to swallow the fabric. I got around that this time by stitching around the body to the beak from one side of the bird, and then up the front of the bird to the beak in a separate line of stitching – that way I didn’t have to pivot at the beak and risk the fabric disappearing down into the bobbin area.

Day 99 k


Soft polyfil was used to stuff the bird. The lower edge was kept open and a line of running stitch worked around the edge (without turning a hem under). Once the bird was as solid as I desired, I pulled the running thread and closed off the lower edge.

Day 99 l


This time, for the bottom piece, I used the extra plastic bottom cover cut out earlier, and placed it on some fabric, cutting out around it with a seam allowance for turning:

Day 99 h


Using a line of running stitch around the edge of the fabric, I gathered the fabric over the plastic and enclosed it with additional stitching as shown:

Day 99 j


The bottom piece was then slip stitched to the base of the bird, carefully positioning it.

Day 99 m


As per my prototype, beads were added for the eyes.

Day 99 n


The little bird stands up nicely on this base.

Day 99 o


As this was to be bag bling (or a bag charm), I then stitched a hook to the top so that it could be attached and un-attached to a bag, or anything else for that matter:

Day 99 p


Rather cute! Hopefully the ladies will like it on Wednesday at the Gift Boutique Workshop and create a few more.

2 Responses to “30 minutes creativity per day… Days 96 – 99! Expanding on the prototype. Bag bling / bag charm.”
  1. Sally Baker says:

    The attached photo belongs with my comment about the blue bird, which is somewhere. Thanks for all your lovely ideas, sorry I don’t respond more often.

    Sally Baker

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