30 minutes creativity per day… Days 92 – 95! Developing a prototype bag bling (or key chain) bird.

“What are you doing?” you may well ask … well, read on ☺


Starting from scratch developing something can be a bit daunting. I’m trying to create a number of patterns for pieces which may be used as either bag bling (bag charms) or on key chains for the ladies of The Embroiderers Guild, VIC Gift Boutique Workshop to create as part of the Guild’s fundraising.


A bird seemed a good place to start.


The first step was to have a fiddle on paper to see what sort of bird might lend itself to being stitched out.

Day 95 a


Having decided on the bird shape and drawn the pattern, I cut it out in thin paper (using the shorter line across the bottom of the pattern). I’m looking to have a gathered bottom which will be covered by a circle of felt (I am also considering a covered circle of cardboard/plastic). The wing, I’m still in two (or three) minds about how it would be best created. Ultimately there might be embroidery on the wing, so it needs to be opaque. This will be a work in progress ☺ I might drop the wing entirely, and just go for embroidery on the sides of the bird.


For this trial bird, I’m placing a layer of pelon behind the white fabric of the wing. The pelon was cut out without any seam allowances.

Day 95 b


The other pieces were then cut out of their respective fabrics. No seam allowances on the felt circle, and 0.5cm (approx) allowances on the wings and body.

Day 95 c


For the wings, I placed a pelon piece on the back of the white fabric and tacked the edges over as shown in the photo:

Day 95 d


Finished tacking:

Day 95 e


The body pieces were then placed right sides together and pinned…

Day 95 f


…before stitching on my sewing machine.

Day 95 g


The tiny seams and turning points caused a little problem on the head at the beak, when the machine wanted to swallow the fabric…

Day 95 h

…this also caused me to be not quite as exact as I would have liked on the top of the bird’s head, so it’s not quite as nice and round as it should be. We’ll just call it a “bit of character” ☺


Corners and curves clipped:

Day 95 i


…and the bird bagged out.

Day 95 j


Next step was to slip stitch the wing on and remove the tacking stitches.

Day 95 k


Major change in procedure number one! That was a pain in the proverbial! Next time, I will be positioning the wings and stitching them in place BEFORE stitching the body of the bird together!


After partially stuffing the body with polyfill, the open end was turned under 0.5cm and tacked, ready to gather the bottom closed.

Day 95 l


The bottom closed off:

Day 95 m


To hide the gathered closure, I covered it with a circle of felt.

day 95 n


I’m not sure that I would place the felt in this exact placement next time as this was a little off-centre, but the bird still stood up (just at a different angle). Note to self: make sure the circle is centred in relation to the bird.

Day 95 o


Using my sewing machine, I quilted the tail. Eyes were added using two beads, and pulled tightly together to give a bit of contour to the face.

Day 95 p


Now the bird is finished.

Day 95 q

Day 95r


Obviously there are a few things to change for the next stitch out of this pattern – but it’s a good base to start from ☺


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