30 minutes creativity per day… Days 88 – 91! Bulldog Puppy stitching progression to completion ☺

I have been busy over the past few days completing the bulldog puppy, and have here for you the sequence of its creation (along with the odd tip or two) taking up where my last blog post left off… with HEAPS of pictures!


My first task was to further stitch the outlines – but on reflection, I didn’t have to do quite so much detail at this point, as some of it would be covered … bit silly on my behalf.

Day 91 a


What fabric to use as the applique areas? In my stash, I have a nice dark brown fabric of similar weight to the background fabric, so I went with this one. I pinned the fabric to the front of the work, but from the back of the work:

Day 91 b


Here’s the front view:

Day 91 c


…before stitching around the foot from the back of the work, so that the outline of the foot was on the dark brown fabric:

Day 91 d


From here, I cut out the foot, close to the stitching.

Day 91 e


Along the way, this created bits of fluff from the fabric, which got a little stuck (some bits more than others) to the background fabric. Some bits easily came off with a bit of a tap on the back of the work, but for others I used a piece of sticky tape, lightly placed on the bits of fluff:

Day 91 f


…and upon removal of the tape, the fluffy bits were gone ☺

Day 91 g


The scissors I used are a great shape for cutting close to the stitching:

Day 91 h


The foot’s fabric is now in place.

Day 91 i


However, I did work out that I should have stitched slightly inside the edge of the foot, as there will always be a little fabric remaining past the stitching line when you cut the fabric away – making the foot perhaps marginally larger than ideal (although, not really a problem in this case as puppies do have rather large feet in proportion to the rest of themselves ☺).


Next step was to add the brown fabric for the body. This was done in the same manner as the foot (no Vliesofix or glue involved).

Day 91 j


Day 91 k


I then had a debate with myself – black nose, or dark brown?


Dark brown won!

Day 91 l

Day 91 m


Now I added back in various outlines, such as the eyes, etc, and put in the rest of the background (which is a pot the puppy is sitting in).

Day 91 n


From here, I started building up my “sketching” with free motion machine embroidery.

Day 91 o


Here’s a view from the back:

Day 91 p


It was at this time I removed the excess paper on the back (shown in the photo above), just leaving the areas inside the stitching. You can also see the jump stitches (I remove the ones on the front quite regularly so that I don’t trip over them, or end up stitching them down with another area of stitching).


More stitching and shading:

Day 91 q


Here’s a bit of a close up on the face so you can see how it’s going. I did think about adding black fabric eyes, but went with stitching instead.

Day 91 r


Day 91 s


More stitching and shading:

Day 91 t


..until all the stitching is finished! A bit dull around the eyes you think?

Day 91 u


I tossed up two options to put the twinkle in the eyes ☺

  1. stitching with white thread
  2. paint them in.


Paint them in won out. Actually, I couldn’t find my white paint quickly, so went with a white inktense pencil instead. I wet the end of the pencil and then used it to create the white “twinkles”. Prior to doing this, I had done a test using dry inktense pencil on the fabric, which was then wet with water,  vs wet pencil tip on dry fabric. The latter was a much more intense colour white.


So, here he is, all finished!

Day 91 v

..and a close up view:

Day 91 w


I really love how this bulldog puppy has turned out, and really want to explore this technique in other works!


(P.S. If you want to catch a glimpse of the Bulldog Puppy in “person” – he’s heading to the Little Fishes Gallery in Marysville, VIC to be among other embroidered works. One other of my works will be there as well. Thank you Lynne Stone for inviting my work to join your marvellous 3D embroidered flowers on exhibition – see Lynne’s work here)


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