30 minutes creativity per day… Day 73 & 74! Feeling artistic.


Feeling rather artistic at the moment ☺


I’ve been doing more on my blue wren – you’ll have to wait to see that one.


In addition, I’ve been having a play. What do you think of the pattern / design below?

Day 74


And then there’s this one too:

Day 74 a


I really quite like them. The second one has more depth with the shading going from bright light on the left to darker on the right. In the first one this wasn’t quite as pronounced. I could do a lot with these printed out onto fabric and stitched into ☺


It’s an interesting palette of colours, with the white areas giving some welcome rest to the eye. Nice.


On another note, I have a pumpkin here at home that fell off its vine. I love the curliness of the dried stem and tendrils when they are home grown (you don’t see that in the shops usually). This one was a particularly pretty one which was not allowed to be cut into until I had photographed it – which I have now done.


Here’s the bottom view:

Day 74 b


And here’s the whole pumpkin:

Day 74 c


I guess you can see where the first two photos in this blog post came from now ☺


It’s good to look past the fact that there is a pumpkin just waiting to be eaten, and to look more closely at the often wonderful patterns found on them, formed by their ridges, or formed by their tendrils. Going in for closeups is quite artistically inspirational – and of course, works on everything around us… not just pumpkins ☺


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