30 minutes creativity per day… Day 68 & 69! What is it?


Day 68 saw me continuing on with my little (or should that be not-so-little?) blue wren ☺ I decided not to put photos up, as what I had done was a lot of fiddling and tweaking, with not that much to show for it. A bit boring to keep showing you ☺ So, I’ll probably surprise you one day with the finished item ☺ …that’s the plan, at least. I may relent and show something beforehand ☺


Day 69 I decided to do a little cross stitch sitting back in a chair and relaxing. In my drawer I found an interesting chart, so thought I’d give it a go.


I have done parts of three different colours (see the three different photos below). I’m in no way finished as yet (obviously), but, can you guess what the finished picture will be?


Day 69 a


Day 69 b


Day 69 c


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