30 minutes creativity per day… Day 63, 64… 65!


I lost a couple of days there over the weekend… my illness took hold, shall we say… I didn’t even make it to the Machine Embroidery Guidance Group meeting at the Guild! (Thank you Rhonda for taking the group for me ☺)


I did some relaxing (and sleeping) – but there’s not much to show for doing that ☺


However, tonight I have done a bit of work on the leg and feet of my little wren… and then over-saved my file with a closeup of the foot! Talk about feeling ill! Thankfully, I found that Photoshop let me undo backwards through a few file saves to find the original version of the file! Obviously my brain’s not as alert as it should be yet (although working through today possibly added to that…)


No matter.


Here I am being creative! I’ve spent some time on the leg and the foot, but at a distance you don’t see much. Up close, I’m adding skin groves to the feet, after shading in the skin. Nowhere near finished doing it, but too tired to keep going.






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