30 minutes creativity per day… Day 58! Breaking photos


After yesterday’s fun with placing photos behind my weaving pattern, I thought I’d have a look at breaking photos up into three or five sections, spread out as if they were hanging on a wall.

To do this, I created a couple of templates using Corel Draw and Photoshop and then started playing with a number of my photos. As I went along, it became very evident that not all photos suited this. Sure, they looked OK, but it was a case of “why would you bother” as it just looked like three or five photos sitting there – no flow of design, or individual interesting panels.

“Kitty” was an interesting one. I placed the photo, taking care where eyes etc were situated.


A slight change to the positioning can actually make a difference, as can be seen below:


I think I prefer the second one where there is more of that cute pink nose showing – it creates that extra focal point to draw the eye.


Another photo which worked brilliantly, was one of a blue wren (I’m sure you’re not surprised I had this photo hanging around ☺).


I then changed the “wall” colour to see what it looked like:


Interesting ☺ Different colours come to the fore.


Going along with using a close up of an animal face, is this monkey photo I took about a year ago:


Again, there is careful positioning of the photo behind the template to create a pleasing design.

So, what does it look like against a pale “wall”?



I can see quite a few of these that I might have to transfer to fabric and stitch into (of course, I will need a few lifetimes to do them all…).

Then, I thought about landscapes – or in this case cloudscape – as there are many lines of design going across the panels:


…and with the pale “wall”:



So, how about some of my textile art placed in the template? This woven piece was a pin weaving project I created for Embellish issue 24 (available here). The design lines lend it perfectly to being placed into the template:


…and with the pale “wall”:


All in all – great fun, and some good directions to go in ☺




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