30 minutes creativity per day… Day 57! Revisiting weaving pattern.


I showed you on Facebook the other day the woven pattern with the owl face within it on selected panels in the design:



Today, I’m having a little play further with that idea.


The basic pattern is shown below, with a bit of shading to attempt to make the weaving a little more 3D.



Behind this I placed the face of a child from a vintage card – to see what happened when you break a photo up:



It’s an interesting look, with some of the pieces becoming designs in their own right. I’m not sure how successful it is as a design tool… Had to be careful where the eyes ended up ☺


Therefore, I had a look at what happened with a different photo which was not quite as complex – one of my sunflowers:


An interesting look.


A recent sunset looks like this:



I quite like that one.


It’s been interesting breaking photos up using this pattern – I’m not sure that it is a major success, but it does have its merits, especially with lesser complex photos.

What are your opinions?


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