30 minutes creativity per day… Day 54! Turning black and white – with a touch of red.


Today I didn’t feel like stitching. Instead, I had a look back through some files on my computer for inspiration and came across this piece I had drawn up some years ago:


At the time, I had (not particularly successfully when I look back at it) used the computer to add colour (not shown here ☺). Since then, I have learned quite a bit about graphics programs, so I thought I’d give it a go again, and make a vector drawing from it. Wish me luck! ☺


To do this, I have taken the original drawing and made it more black and white in Photoshop:


I probably didn’t need to do this, but it does help show the lines up more clearly than with the original pencil drawing.


This, I then changed to red and white, as I am going to bring it into Corel Draw (which uses black lines by default, and it will be easier therefore to see where I have added things) to trace over it.


So here is how I have gone so far:


The bits that are extending beyond the bounding rectangle will be cut off at the end ☺


When I take away the red drawing, you can see how far I have done:


Ultimately, I will be playing with colours added back in – probably in Photoshop ☺


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