30 minutes creativity per day… Day 51! Winging on my way ☺


You know, you can spend a lot of time on a small area within a drawing or painting and not have all that much to show for it… but if you had spent less time on it, it would be obvious that you hadn’t done as much…


Well, that’s today! I’ve spent quite some time on the wing – adding shading in lights and darks, then lights and darks and darker, and white, and so on. I’m not positive that it is finished, but it’s one of those times you need to step away and come back another time to see what you think.


Here’s where I’ve ended up with my working on the wing:


At times I was working with a brush width of 4 pixels! – tiny! (remembering the actual picture is HUGE ☺), and various shades of grey, with touches of blue and touches of white here and there.


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