30 minutes creativity per day… Day 50! More textures.


I’m afraid I got a little inspired by looking for textures from yesterday – so went back to the bricks on our house to check them out more closely. The bricks of the new houses that are going up around the suburb seem to be rather flat and of a grey or dark brown colour. Must be the current fad.

Our house has bricks which are much more interesting.

Take for example this brick:


Looking closer at the brick shows up some wonderful colour combinations and textures:


As did many other bricks upon close inspection, two of which I have shown below:



You may have guessed, I took many more photos than I have shown here ☺


Then, late today, the setting of the sun created a golden glow to everything. Beautiful! The clouds in the sky were an incredible colour – the likes of which I had been hoping for well over a year now to see! Why? I have a textile art piece (triptych) which has been in the planning stage, but which required yellow clouds, storm clouds, into which the upper body of a kingfisher will be placed. This would be part of the first panel.

At any rate – here were the clouds I had been looking for! So, the camera came out!





So happy to have snapped these shots (and a few others)! Finally, I’ll be able to move forward a step with the kingfisher textile art piece… now to find the time…

2 Responses to “30 minutes creativity per day… Day 50! More textures.”
  1. Sally Baker says:

    thank you for these lovely pictures and thoughts. have you thought of running a class or a guidance group or a one-off session with us, your readers, on using the camera as a tool? I am just relearning to use the manual settings on a new camera and would love to have some other tracks to wander down.

    • Lynda Anne says:

      Hi Sally – no, I hadn’t thought about that. I use a camera which is fairly automatic, Lumix 20x. I’ve just played around with it a lot, and got to know what I can easily do with it. I haven’t played with focal lengths and shutter speeds…However, I can take you down the track of using the photos and transferring them into textile art in different ways ☺

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