30 minutes creativity per day – Day 49 Looking for textures in minutiae


Well, this weekend has been both busy and restful. Day 49 (Saturday) was filled with working madly so that I could relax on Sunday (a birthday day ☺) – so, didn’t manage to get to do the actual blog post.


However, I did manage a little creativity. I took my camera out into the garden, to escape the computer and the work I was doing (and to get some fresh air) – to see what textures I might find in the minutiae.


The seed pods of a hakea in our garden are quite special – awfully hard to photograph close up as the camera kept wanting to focus on things in the distance! However, perseverance paid off!


Really strange and knobbly! When they pods burst open, their insides are really beautiful:


You can see via the couple of raindrops on the right hand side half that the colours are something else again when wet! Love their look ♥


I also meandered around the house itself, looking at webs in the brickwork – and found far too many ☺. Some, I photographed for reference later, including this one of some depth of layers:



You never know what you might find –


An old case moth casing! Rather deteriorated, but interesting to see the insides.

Me, being me, I just had to check it out close up, and took a number of close photos, including:


I love the textures!


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