30 minutes creativity per day… Day 47! Knots and pulls, balances and counter-balances.


Well, compare the Photoshop version (yesterday’s post) with the one I have now created ☺


I did move the knots around a little – but the extra couple of pulled thread areas are about where they were on the Photoshop version ☺.


Sally had a suggestion (comment on previous post) about further knots up with the pulled thread area in the upper right, but I think as the knots are rather coarse compared to the pulled thread areas, it would be a bit too much. If the fabric were not so open-weave, it could probably work with single or double strands in the needle to create some tiny knots.


Another thing about using the more open fabric, is that you can see the background behind the fabric, which therefore impacts on what the final piece will look like. The photo above was taken while still in the hoop, so there was shadow behind the fabric,and therefore black (or effectively black) holes.


Check out what happens when the piece is out of the hoop and placed on a white piece of paper for photography:


It’s quite a different look. It almost looks like there are a heap of flowers with white centres floating around in the embroidery ☺


Now, to think what to create with this embroidered piece…


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