30 minutes creativity per day… Day 46! Computers are great to use to trial your stitching ☺


Computers are a great tool to use to determine whether stitching will look good in a particular position.


Take for example the piece I am working on so far:



Using Photoshop, I replicated one of the pulled stitches motifs and placed it in a couple of positions to see if it would look good. Here’s the result:



It’s actually quite balanced, and I like the look.


Sally Baker suggested in a comment on the last post that I place some green knots up on the RH top corner for some balance – thank you Sally ☺ So, I’ve copied a knot or two and placed them up in that corner:


and a little more, removing some of the big blob in the version above:



and a little more:



I think I prefer the second last one. What do you think? Not sure that I like that last little bit of green being added…


Then I think the stitching will be completed (after I actually do it in “real life” as opposed to trialing it on the computer).


I must say, it’s been really good to be able to preview what the piece might look like without actually putting thread and needle to cloth. No frog stitching, and no big holes left behind when the frog stitching has been applied ☺

2 Responses to “30 minutes creativity per day… Day 46! Computers are great to use to trial your stitching ☺”
  1. Sally Baker says:

    You’ve got a thin line of 12 or 14 threads down the far right side of the pulled threads at the top. what would it look like if you had a line of tiny green knots down there? Try it with Photoshop to see. it’s such a delicate design, it might spoil it.

    • Lynda Anne says:

      Ah – I see what you mean. I’m a bit loathe to add to much there as the knots can be quite coarse and the pulled thread so fine… Having added the knots today (day 47’s post), you will see what I mean. ☺

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