30 minutes creativity per day… Day 44! Today I got knotted ☺


Definitely love the texture French knots give a piece – especially when they are of different thread thicknesses or numbers of wraps around the needle.


Today I have started filling in some of the background areas using French knots, and stranded cotton (all 6 strands at once). I found I had to be careful to create the knots across a thread of the background fabric, or risk the knot disappearing ☺


It’s actually quite soothing doing the knots – and not worrying if they appear loose, as I ♥ that look ☺ The diagram below, drawn up for the stitch guide in Embellish magazine, shows how the stitch is created.



I’ve added stitches to the lower left hand side of my piece to start with:



Loving where it’s taking me ☺



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