30 minutes creativity per day… Day 41! Success the second time around ☺


What a difference a clear head makes!


I’ve gone back to my embroidered piece where I had my fail the other day in trying to create a couched area…


This time, I have used a length or two of stranded cotton (all 6 strands) and laid it on the top of the fabric in a nice meandering pattern, without twisting the threads:



As I was quite happy with the design created by the threads, I tacked them down loosely using a thread I would be pulling out later:



What colour to use for the couching? This time I decided not to be monochrome… I’ve gone with green! I may even add the embroidered bead from earlier this year ☺

So, couching away with close stitching:



As I stitched, I found the threads laying on top of the fabric wanting to split apart, so I took advantage of that ☺ and kept going (pulling out the tacking stitching as I’ve gone along):



After a little more, I’ve called it a night:



Not bad. Quite liking this ☺ So much of an improvement on my first attempt ☺


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