30 minutes creativity per day… Day 39! Getting fishy ☺


Today was spent at The Embroiderers Guild, VIC where I coordinate the Gift Boutique, and the Gift Boutique Workshop (a once a month workshop).

Cord weights (for aiding the creation of twisted cords by weighting down the twisted cord as it twists back on itself) have been a much-requested item for sale at the Boutique, and my friend, Bev Lane, had a couple of great designs for them – one a fish, and one a clown. Bev brought along the fish and clowns already cut out in the felt, the sinkers already with their hooks in them, the hats for the clowns, and all the bits and pieces we might need! Thank you so much Bev! You are an angel!

Some ladies got into embroidering and creating the clowns, and others, including me, the fish. Normally, I am doing non-stitching things at the workshop, but today I thought I’d sit down and join in the stitching ☺

It was quite fun creating the fish – and brought me back to stitching Glove Stitch, which I think I last stitched in any amount back in Primary School, at Kotara South Primary School!

Mrs Parker, the wife of the Principal, was our teacher of sewing and embroidery (and macrame too!). I still have some felt creations from back then – quite complex designs!

Here’s the fish I created today:


..and here are some of the fish created by others as well:


and the clowns:


We had a fun day – with the air conditioner going as the day was rather hot!

The major Gift Boutique is run during the annual exhibition of The Embroiderers Guild, VIC – this year in October (7-21). Check our more information as it comes to hand regarding the exhibition here.


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