30 minutes creativity per day… Day 38! A fail today – frog stitch returns…

Feeling a little better today, for the most part…but obviously my stitching today and yesterday left a bit to be desired…


I continued on with the couching down of the tapestry yarn as you can see:


…but oh my goodness – totally hate how the stitches are falling. The unevenness coming through from the tapestry yarn has meant that the overlying couching stitches cannot even hope to sit neatly! What was I thinking!




So, back to “frog stitch”. Thankfully it was easy to salvage the stranded cotton for another time, but it did lose a bit of its twist.




I didn’t bother trying to salvage the tapestry yarn. Thankfully, as the weave of the fabric was so open, I was able to move the warp and weft threads back so that there were no great holes left behind. None of the stitching had actually pierced any of the fabric’s threads.


Lesson learnt: when feeling unwell, do not attempt hand embroidery!


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