30 minutes creativity per day… Day 37! Well, not well today but creating, and doing my own thing


Yes, not feeling at all well today after a very busy, taxing long weekend of work…

However, first day back at yoga for my son means that I have time set aside in which I can be creative – after I read the newspaper ☺


While he is at yoga, I sit and read, or sketch, or stitch – today I stitched. I re-visited the pulled thread piece I had played with earlier this year.

My plan is to gradually build this up into a more complex piece of embroidery.

Today I had a play with placing a number of pieces of tapestry yarn on top of the work, and couching it down – mind you, I can’t say I was following any accepted technique (doing my own thing ☺)…. I just had a play to see “what happens if…”


First, I took some tapestry yarn and stitched it as shown (with the fabric in a hoop):


I then loosely wrapped more tapestry yarn around it:


Before couching it down in the shape I wanted, using the same tapestry yarn, and making sure to come up and down through the same hole in the fabric:


After this, I used stranded cotton, using all 6 strands, to wrap (three or four wraps) and then couch the yarn to the fabric so that none (or maybe a little) of the tapestry yarn showed (making sure not to pull it too tight):


At this point, the yoga session was over so I stopped… and haven’t felt well enough to continue tonight… Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I will finish the couching with the stranded cotton…


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