30 minutes creativity per day… Day 36! Photoshop additions to pencil sketching.


I dabble a little with Photoshop, but don’t pretend to know how to use it very well…so I’ve decided to have a play (or at least start to) with adding colour to my Fairy Wren drawing using Photoshop and layers.

To do this, I have taken the white background away, and made everything that was white, now transparent. To this I am adding colours underneath in layers – varying the shades and size of the brush used.

It’s taking a little getting used to, but here’s how far I’ve gone:


There’s a few shades of grey-brown there for the wood.


Initially, I started out with the blue on his head, but didn’t like where that was going, as I didn’t have the finesse down pat. Creating the wood has been good for working out a technique to keep going with and to develop from☺


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