30 minutes creativity per day… Day 33! Frog + colour + water


I suppose it’s not really abstract in the purest of terms, but compared with what I normally create, it is. Normally I am rather realistic in my drawings, and so much more detailed.


So, I have taken my little frog and added touches of colour with Inktense pencils.


I chose to use them over my water soluble colour pencils as their colour is, as the name implies, more intense.


In case you are wondering, this little frog is the green variant of the southern brown tree frog.


To add water to my drawing, I thought I might spray a mist over the picture, but a test on the paper where I had checked the colour of the pencil wasn’t very inspiring. Therefore, I didn’t bother with the spray. I turned instead to a brush with a water reserve built in:


I’ve had this for some years now, and not used it in a while… The green stain on the bristles does not transfer to the page. I do make sure I have some absorbent paper to get rid of any colour still on the brush before moving to another area of colour to wet.


Here’s the final result:



I’m quite happy with this and will wait until next time to work out if I want to add a little more, or just leave it. Sometimes you need to walk away and come back to things with new eyes. I might decide to add the extra little bits with stitches when I have transferred him to fabric ☺


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