30 minutes creativity per day… Day 32! Frog in abstract.


Taking a break from the kangaroo….


This year at The Embroiderers Guild, VIC in the Machine Embroidery Guidance Group we are finding inspiration each month in a different artist, to create an A5 size piece of textile art.

January’s artist is Australian artist, John Olsen.

I thought I should make a start, as our first meeting for the year is this coming weekend.

In checking out his various artworks, I discovered that he painted a huge number of frogs! My kind of person ☺

They are all rather abstract – not my usual style… .


Using a photo of one of my frogs going for a cricket (and effectively falling off the branch in doing so), I sketched up some main lines using an HB pencil:



I then went over most lines with a thin Sharpie, followed by a slightly thicker Sharpie, before erasing the pencil lines still showing:



My next step will be to add some colour in using water soluble pencils – perhaps Inktense pencils – and adding a bit of a wash. Following this, my aim is to scan the artwork, make the size to A5, print it out onto fabric and then stitch into it with machine embroidery.


I’m not sure how far I’ll get before Sunday morning, but we’ll see ☺


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