30 minutes creativity per day… Day 29! Breathing a sigh of relief ☺


I worked out that I definitely did not have enough thread in the one skein to complete my background. Therefore, the search was on! Did I have another skein, or one at least very similar?


The skein I had pulled from my stash was a SEMCO thread – not going to be easy to find another the same…


After a bit of a search, and a few shades of olive green that were “not quite right”, a skein of SEMCO colour #147 showed itself – hiding in a plastic bag among an oddment of other threads ☺ Such a relief!


As you can see, I’m still working on the background. I don’t think I’m particularly a slow stitcher, but I am using stabbing motions to create the stitches – which does take longer as it is two steps to create a single arm of the cross stitch. I find this gives a neater stitch.



In the December 2016 issue of Vintage Made magazine (shown here, and this is the current issue of the magazine) I researched and wrote an article on the history of SEMCO – it’s quite an interesting history behind what became an Aussie icon as far as embroiderers are concerned ☺ If you would like to get a copy of this issue, you can purchase it via ArtWear Publications’ website here.



Maybe I should do a SEMCO embroidery or two as part of my 30 minutes creativity per day – there are some rather cute transfers ☺


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