30 minutes creativity per day… Day 23! Playing with filters ☺

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments about my little fairy friend – I very much appreciate it.


Today has been exceptionally hot, so I didn’t want to be drawing with pencils and sweating on paper (not a nice thought!).


So, I’ve taken a photo of some of our sunflowers (currently flowering in the garden) – rather appropriate on this rather hot, sunny day – and have been playing with filters, first in Photoshop and then in PaintShop Pro, as each has different filters to play with ☺



These beautiful plants are well over two metres tall, and some have the most gorgeous autumnal tones to them – like this one.


The following pictures are the results of some of the various filters I played with:







The above were all in Photoshop.


In Paintshop Pro were:




…and then I took the last one and copied it four times to create a larger version (in Corel Draw):


I can see how you could use the seamless tiling filter to create some incredible repeating textiles/fabrics ☺


So many possibilities!


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