30 minutes creativity per day… Day 20! Getting more distinct… ☺


He’s coming along, bit by bit…

Day 20 Blue Wren next.png

Bird feet are such hard things to draw.. so I started outlining them a little better while I was still “fresh” to the session. They are by no means finished, and I’ll come back to them a few more times yet, I suspect ☺ It’s a question of how much detail to include, and at what level?


Well, he’s getting some feathers now, and a little more life to the eye. I continued on until my mind started to tire – at which stage I stopped. No point continuing, as that is when mistakes happen… and I’m not under a deadline with this one ☺ It’s actually really nice and relaxing creating him.


I’ve been thinking further about how to recreate him in textiles – and may also print out the finished drawing onto fabric, not just the previous outline, use the Inktense pencils to add colour, and not do any stitching…. just to see what it looks like. Of course, I may then decide it does need stitching ☺


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