30 minutes creativity per day… Day 17! Pulling a thread or two ☺

During my recent sorting, rearranging and throwing, I discovered (re-discovered) the book by Mary Thomas “Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches”.


This copy is the 17th Impression, published in 1968. I think the book has been published again quite recently – and probably many times in between ! It’s a classic! The first publishing of the book was in 1934.


Browsing through the pages, I can see there are many stitches that I’ve never tried (this is not hard ☺ as I am more a machine embroiderer than a hand embroiderer), and many it would be great to learn and then incorporate into my textile art pieces.


The Eyelet Stitch Filling caught my eye. It is one of the drawn fabric stitches, and there were two versions in the book – one involving counting threads, and the other using drawn circles on the fabric (which I suspect the accomplished embroiderer would get away without drawing).


I decided to try the counted version:



It took a bit of concentration, but here is my first attempt (on an open weave fabric):



Following this, I created three more next to the first:



I love the pattern of holes it is creating! A mass of these stitches as a background to a piece would be really great.

I’ll have to have give it a go ☺ “Watch this space” as they say ☺


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