30 minutes creativity per day… Day 16! Done! (with a little trick)

It’s just as well I can laugh at myself… did you notice in yesterday’s post I left off a stitch at the base of the plant? I didn’t, until I came to stitch next to where it should have been today! Just another little booboo on top of the others yesterday ☺


Well, I was only going to do part of the stitching today, but got carried away wanting to see the end result! And I finished it! Yes, much longer than 30 minutes creativity today – but then, my aim has been 30 minutes minimum ☺ ☺


I have used three shades of blue and three shades of yellow. The first flower is a navy blue,


and the end one what is effectively a royal blue.


The leaves are a nice pale blue.


So, what is the middle flower? It appears to be a different shade of blue.


What I have done to create this shade of blue is to use one strand of the navy blue and one of the royal blue in the needle at the same time – creating a blend of the two colours. It’s a good trick to use when you don’t have the exact colour you need, or you need to blend between two colours.


Here’s the finished stitching:



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