30 minutes creativity per day… Day 15! Stitching out cross stitch flower bookmark.

OK – take two on this post… I accidentally deleted the tab where I was working on the post! I know, it’s late at night…


Well, as I suggested to you in my last post, I decided to stitch the flower bookmark out in different colours to that which I used in the original design. I’m using shades of blues and shades of yellows (no white). This decision was inspired by the pale grey colour of the Aida cloth I am stitching into.


Things started well, or so I thought. I began by using a navy blue thread, two strands. Part way through stitching the petals of the top flower, I realised I  had done a bit of an error…. the centre of the flower was one column too narrow (as you can see in the photo below).


Unpicking was an option – but I chose not to take it as sometimes with dark threads, colour gets left behind in the cloth.


So, I started again. I would have liked to have fully finished the top flower, but have decided I need my sleep, and can continue on tomorrow ☺.

Here’s how far I have stitched:


Next to be stitched will be the yellow centre, and then on to the flower below it ☺


The threads I am using are DMC stranded cottons. I obtained a bulk lot a few years back and had grouped different shades of colours together. Since then, I have been using them, as well as selling them off on eBay:


If you are interested, as I write, there are 7 packs of the yellow remaining (see here), and  I’ve sold out of the dark blues (although the purple shades (see here) would look really good too! – I have 5 of those still remaining).


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