30 minutes creativity per day… Day 11! Patterns

Today I thought I’d have a play with repeating patterns. The easiest repeating unit is a square, so I created a pattern within a square and blocked the colours in as black and white:


I tried to arrange the design in the square so that there was some possible connectivity when the squares were touching.


Arranging a heap of the squares together brought about this pattern:


It wasn’t quite what I was hoping for, so I had a play with different colours to see what might pop out at me:


Hmmmm…. probably some promise there… but again, not really what I was hoping for.


Therefore, I tried a different design, which touched top and bottom, as well as at the sides of the repeating square:



Placing a number of them together brought about the following pattern:


This was more along the lines of what I was hoping for.

I then mirror imaged the middle row of them:


Not bad….

So, I then mirror imaged the columns:


Beautiful! The play of positive and negative space on this last one is just what I was looking for!


You should have a go too! I’d love to see what patterns you come up with ☺


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